Friday, September 4, 2009

Take it from the top

I really have no idea what to write about, which makes setting up this whole “blog” kind of pointless. I need some direction. So, I thought I would come up with a list of goals, questions and possible topics for “Chalubee” and go from there. Go chalubee.

I’d like to write about things I find amusing. Even if no one else thinks they are.
Like the Fat Boy Slim dance routine from the video for “Praise You.” This is my b-boy posse.

I might write some posts about something serious, although I can’t think of what these topics might be.

Write some posts on things other people might find helpful. Like how to clean off the permanent marker picture of a penis and ball sack the neighborhood kids drew on your storage shed located right next to your kid’s swing set.

Settle some disputes with my husband.
- One: I did not have “boobs” when I was eight. That is just the way the bathing suit fit.
- Two: Wendy’s does (did) not make flavored frostys. There is (was) only one flavor. When I ask for a frosty, don’t ask me, “Chocolate or vanilla?”
F Dave Thomas for making this confusing with the whole introduction of “flavored frostys.”

Figure out if I will write stuff that has to do with my family. Figure out if I will tell my family I have a website. This should go under “serious posts.” Or “things that will make me constipated.”

Posts pictures of my children. Because, really, who else is going to do this?

Decide if I will use swear words in my posts. Or if I will just use abbreviations (see number 5). In fact, maybe I will write a post about abbreviations I often use for swear words. Is this a universal language? It should be.

Write about things I like. This list of topics would almost be as long as the list of topics of things I don’t like.

Answer some questions. Or the phone. If it rings.

Have fun.

I think I’m moving in the right direction.

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