Friday, September 4, 2009

Take it from the top

I really have no idea what to write about, which makes setting up this whole “blog” kind of pointless. I need some direction. So, I thought I would come up with a list of goals, questions and possible topics for “Chalubee” and go from there. Go chalubee.

I’d like to write about things I find amusing. Even if no one else thinks they are.
Like the Fat Boy Slim dance routine from the video for “Praise You.” This is my b-boy posse.

I might write some posts about something serious, although I can’t think of what these topics might be.

Write some posts on things other people might find helpful. Like how to clean off the permanent marker picture of a penis and ball sack the neighborhood kids drew on your storage shed located right next to your kid’s swing set.

Settle some disputes with my husband.
- One: I did not have “boobs” when I was eight. That is just the way the bathing suit fit.
- Two: Wendy’s does (did) not make flavored frostys. There is (was) only one flavor. When I ask for a frosty, don’t ask me, “Chocolate or vanilla?”
F Dave Thomas for making this confusing with the whole introduction of “flavored frostys.”

Figure out if I will write stuff that has to do with my family. Figure out if I will tell my family I have a website. This should go under “serious posts.” Or “things that will make me constipated.”

Posts pictures of my children. Because, really, who else is going to do this?

Decide if I will use swear words in my posts. Or if I will just use abbreviations (see number 5). In fact, maybe I will write a post about abbreviations I often use for swear words. Is this a universal language? It should be.

Write about things I like. This list of topics would almost be as long as the list of topics of things I don’t like.

Answer some questions. Or the phone. If it rings.

Have fun.

I think I’m moving in the right direction.

Actually decent at kickball or at least kicking balls.

School is hard enough without feeling like you're the unpopular, overweight kid with acne or no legs and no one wants to pick you for their kickball team.

Class went to a new level of degradation last night when there was an impromptu forming of groups for a presentation. It may not have helped that I didn't make eye contact with anyone, but still? To be one of the last four people out of 25 to have to raise their hands "because they weren't in a group?" FML. It was bad. I felt like I was relegated to the short bus.

Today I am feeling slightly less annoyed (but no more politically correct) and the ride on the short bus has been productive. I just finished my group's presentation and emailed it off -
Take that bitches!